When you spend time and money having your home painted, you expect the paint job to last a long time.

Check out these tips to learn what you can do to keep your paint looking fresh and maximizing the life of your paint job!


Cobwebs, dust, and dirt can build up on your walls over time and make them look old and worn. Use non-abrasive microfiber cloths or long-handled dust brushes on your walls every few months.

You can do this without removing wall hangings like paintings or photographs because the areas behind them are covered and are much less susceptible to collecting dust.


The walls in sitting rooms, foyers, and hallways usually don’t collect more than light dust, while kitchen and bathroom walls are exposed to cooking and steam residue. Because of this, it’s important to do a little more than dusting in these two rooms.

Always be careful with the cleaning products you use, and opt for a mixture of water and mild soap. Anything harsher may cause the paint to deteriorate or peel prematurely.

Rooms that are occupied by children, smokers, or wood burning stoves should also have their walls washed a few times a year.

Touch Up

Don’t wait until things get bad before fixing your walls. Touch up chips in the paint or other damages as soon as you notice them. Caulk and sand bigger holes before applying a new layer of paint over the surface, and feather the paint over the surrounding area to make the repair less noticeable.

Keep Extra Paint

Ask your painting contractor for any extra paint that was not used so that when it comes time to make repairs or paint over damaged areas, you don’t have to worry about color-matching with new paint.


Lead paint is harmful and if your home was painted before the late 1970’s, it is likely that your walls contain some of this lead. Walls that were painted with lead paint need to be sealed with at least 2 coats of high quality paint in order to be sure they will not harm anyone in your home.

Widespread Solutions is a professional Richmond, VA painting service that has been in business since 2005. We specialize in both interior and exterior residential, commercial, and historical painting. Our experts have the tools and experience necessary to leave you with a beautiful finished painting project that will last for years and years.
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