Widespread Solutions is a growing company offering great opportunities for motivated individuals. Our passion is to exceed out client’s expectations. We are looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are to achieve our goals.

Current Opportunities



  • Manage commercial estimating/proposals to ensure target profitability.
  • Manage commercial project set-ups to ensure projects are implemented with proper man-power, sub-contractors, and schedules.
  • Continually look for and implement better and more effective ways to perform this task.
  • Managing the sales process to ensure that monthly sales goals are met.
  • Profitably estimating jobs and selling approximately 50% of leads.
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients and strategic partners to ensure future sales leads.
  • Continuously improve the process of turning leads into profitable, satisfied customers.


Managing the Sales Process

  • From the initial call until the job is scheduled or until they tell us no.
  • For cross sell and upsell opportunities after the job is sold.
  • Monitor and manage the pipeline working with marketing to ensure the flow of new target customers meets or exceeds the monthly sales goals.
  • Schedule sold work and hand off to Operations to ensure effective delivery of services within the scope of the work promised to the customer.

Estimating & Selling

  • Quickly respond to new sales leads.
  • Meet with prospects to understand their needs and prepare estimates based on their needs.
  • Price jobs with a target 35% gross profit margin.
  • Calculate estimates and write proposal to send to sales lead.
  • Follow up with customers at least x times or until they tell us no.
  • Improve estimating process and selling process to ensure high close rates and profitable, satisfied customers.

Clients and Strategic Partners

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships to ensure future sales leads.
  • Build and grow our list of Strategic Partners.
  • Maintain positive relationships with Strategic Partners.

Improve Sales Process

  • Sales to target customers.
  • Close rate.
  • Revenue per customer.
  • Profitability.
  • Communication between sales and operations.
  • Improve your sales skills.


  • Perform commercial estimating/proposals including up-dating labor, equipment, and material cost.
  • Assist Owner in developing new relationships with General Contractor’s and maintaining existing relationships for present and future projects.
  • Negotiate existing/future estimate/proposals with General Contractor’s and owner/clients.
  • Follow up estimates / proposals to determine our status at award.
  • – Call General Contractors for status.
    – Visit to discuss proposal and status.

  • Review Widespread Solutions, LLC “Estimating Log” with Owner to ensure that the proper type of projects are being proposed.
  • – Determine location of project.
    – Determine size / cost of the project.
    – Who is bidding the project?

  • Review all contracts prior to returning to General Contractor’s.
  • – Review for exclusions, scope of work, schedules, and correctness.
    – Sign, date and have notarized.

  • Accountable for Schedule of Values, construction schedules, budgets, submittals, change orders (PCO’s) and RFI’s. Also meeting the client’s needs in an urgent manner.
  • Daily interaction with Operations Manager to insure man-power and material requirements do not exceed estimate.
  • Creating and providing General Contractor’s with accurate and timely Pay Applications.
  • Provide Bi-Weekly Cost Reports for all commercial projects to the Owner. Discuss each project to ensure that he is “IN-THE-LOOP” and is acceptable to the process.
  • Provide Project Management/Leadership to the Owner’s/General Contractor’s to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction on completed projects.
  • Walk punch lists at owners request or for final completion.
  • Create and furnish “Substantial Completion Letters” and “Subcontractor’s Warranty” for all completed commercial projects.

Success Measures

  • Sales per month targets.
  • Success in Proposal Awards.
  • Profitability and Completion Rate.
  • Business Development / Client Relationships.
  • Performance Accuracy.
  • Meet or exceed the monthly and annual sales goals.
  • Meet or exceed the monthly and annual profit goals.
  • Find and cultivate one new Strategic Partner (a referral source that can continually provide us leads) a month.
  • Recommend and implement at least 6 new significant improvement ideas per year.
Painting crew lead

The purpose of this job is to help the company grow and make a profit by:

  • Manage & perform painting tasks safely.
  • Manage, Track & Perform painting tasks efficiently to complete jobs at or below targeted hours and material costs.
  • Manage crew members to maintain a high standard of quality to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with the work we do.
  • Continuously look for better ways to perform your job.



  • Manage & perform painting tasks safely.
  • Follow safety guidelines.
  • Acquire OSHA 10 certification.
  • Attend weekly safety meetings.

Manage, Track & Perform

  • Manage, Track & Perform painting tasks efficiently to complete jobs at or below targeted hours and material costs.
  • Manage crew to ensure task & jobs are performed efficiently & below targeted costs.
  • Track job progress on hours and material costs vs. goals daily to ensure that jobs come in on time and on budget.
  • Understand which tools and techniques to use in specific circumstances, educate crew members as to which tools and techniques perform tasks more efficiently.
  • Take care of tools – do not break them.
  • Understand crew goals for the day, achieve crew goals.
  • Continually improve on skills and education.

Quality Assurance

  • Manage crew members to maintain a high standard of quality to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with the work we do.
  • Maintain positive, polite and respectful attitude to all people you come in contact with and that all crew members dressed appropriately to convey a positive image.
  • Minimize disruptions at the worksite and leave the property in good order at the end of the day.
  • Complete a thorough walk through at the end of each job to make sure that customers are completely satisfied before you leave.
  • Know th customer/client satisfaction is the focal point of Widespread Solutions.
  • Make sure trucks and equipment are cleaned daily.
  • Pass down company culture and professionalism.
  • Continuously look for better ways to perform your job.

Success Measures

  • Job profit vs. goals on jobs that you manage.
  • Positive feedback from foreman.
  • Limit warranty work.
  • No more than X call backs per quarter.
  • Limit accidents and work safely.
  • Positive attitudes and image.
  • Clean trucks and equipment.
  • Satisfied customers.

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