Now that spring is in full swing, you’re thinking about giving your restaurant a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Smart thinking.

Fresh paint can dramatically enhance a commercial building’s curb appeal and give even an old building new life.

However, before you begin repainting a restaurant, you need to know certain things about exterior and interior painting. Let’s explore the details in this restaurant painting guide.

Importance of Restaurant Painting

Indoor restaurant painting and exterior painting are critical for branding and marketing. For this reason, you should make sure your restaurant’s color scheme aligns with your brand. It should also align with your property manager’s guidelines if you are renting your space.

Keep in mind that your building’s colors will also impact how passersby and potential clients perceive your restaurant. Because a first impression is important, maintaining an attractive exterior is especially crucial.

The best restaurant paint colors are those that welcome customers, making them comfortable.

As you pick paint colors, try to choose those that blend well with other paint colors nearby while still expressing your style. In addition, consider highlighting your creativity by making your restaurant’s front door a glossy, rich blue color, for example.

The right commercial paint colors will be eye-appealing, statement-making, and trendy.

Paint Types and Finishes

Different types of restaurant paints are available to add color and style to your property.

For instance, consider using flat paint with minimal gloss on your restaurant’s ceilings and accent walls. It may also go well in a hallway that doesn’t get much traffic and doesn’t have to be cleaned frequently.

Flat paint will lead to a rich, even coat that will hide surface blemishes and faults. However, its finish won’t be as durable as a glossy paint’s finish.

Gloss paint is durable and smooth. It also holds up in humidity and is simple to clean. However, because it reflects light, it will be easy for customers and staff to see stains, grime, and defects on your walls.

Gloss paint is best used in your restaurant’s kitchen and restrooms. You can also use it on doors and baseboards.

You’ll also have a choice between water-based and latex paint as you explore restaurant paints.

Latex paint is ultraviolet-resistant and won’t peel, crack, or fade. Meanwhile, water-based paints are simple to clean. They dry faster than oil.

Restaurant Colors

Some of the best colors for sit-down restaurants include warm colors, like muted oranges, yellows, and reds. These colors can create a luxurious and rich environment for your diners. They might also increase impulse eating, like ordering appetizers and glasses of wine.

Examples of the best dine-in restaurant colors include garnet red, terracotta orange, and Tuscan yellow.

If you have a fast-food restaurant, using brighter shades of orange, yellow, and red might subconsciously motivate guests to move quickly. Bright oranges and yellows can also add cheer. This makes them perfect for inexpensive and lighthearted eateries, like cafes and yogurt shops.

Green is another restaurant paint color. Muted green accents and walls may make guests think about nature and health, so they may view your menu as healthy.

Green shades can also indicate that you value sustainability.

You may want to avoid using purple and blue paint, as they don’t translate to many restaurant concepts well. That’s because not many foods are naturally purple or blue.

How Frequently Should Restaurant Painting Be Done?

How often you paint your restaurant’s exterior and interior will depend on a couple of factors. These include your local area’s weather and your building’s materials.

Weather Factor

Does your restaurant get a large amount of sun? The building’s exterior will fade more quickly, which means you may have to paint the outside every three to 10 years.

Also, let’s say your area often gets severe weather, like tropical storms or winter storms. Your exterior paint might need replacing every three to five years.

Materials Factors

Some building materials won’t hold paint colors as long as others. For instance, if your restaurant is a wood building, you’ll likely want to replace it every three years to keep it looking its best.

Meanwhile, if you have an aluminum building, you might not need to replace the paint for five years.

A professional painter can examine your restaurant and advise you on how often to paint your building.

Why Use Commercial Painting Services?

Although you may be tempted to paint your restaurant yourself, don’t. Hiring a commercial painting service offers many benefits.

A professional can make sure your new paint adheres to the building by scraping old paint layers and sanding your building’s surfaces. They’ll also know how much primer to use on your walls to make sure your new paint stick to the building.

A reputable painter will use premium paints, too. High-quality paints offer better coverage. They also last longer and look more professional.

In addition to painting your restaurant, your commercial painting service can create a painting maintenance plan for you. A quality plan will meet your goals, budget, and needs in the areas of touch-ups, interior painting, and structure painting.

How We Can Help with Restaurant Painting

Restaurant painting services can improve your building’s interior and exterior appearance every few years. The right color scheme will match your restaurant’s brand and make your guests feel comfortable.

At Widespread Solutions, we take pride in offering high-quality commercial painting services. We can give your restaurant a fresh look and maximize your curb appeal while minimizing your downtime.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our painting services, and get a quote today!

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