When it comes time to freshen up or renovate your commercial space, hiring a professional Richmond, VA commercial painter is a must. But how do you know what time of year is best to hire a painting service? Let’s take a look at how weather can affect your next painting project.

Effects of Warm Weather

Direct Sunlight: The sun shines much more often in the warmer weather than in the cold. Mild or cloudy mornings may give you the impression that the sun won’t come out, but always check the hourly weather forecast.

The morning weather may fool you, and painting in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time is something to avoid, as this can keep the paint from drying properly.

Rain: Rain is much more prominent in warmer temperatures as well. Spring weather might seem perfect for painting, as it is not too hot and not too cold, but don’t forget that springtime brings lots of rain and showers, which can ruin a paint job if it has not been allowed enough time to dry.

Effects of Cold Weather

Wind: Like direct sunlight, wind can cause paint to dry much quicker than it naturally should and may prevent optimal formation of the paint. Wind can also blow dirt and dust around, which will stick to wet paint very easily.

Snow: When precipitation occurs in the wintertime, it poses a large threat to your paint job. Snow, sleet, and hail can cause your paint to run and may create an uneven paint surface. In very cold temperatures, paint will dry too slowly and will not adhere well to the surface it is applied to.

Tips for Painting

  1. Start a paint job on the west side of the building if the weather is very hot and the forecast suggests lots of sunlight.
  2. If you’ve had rainy weather conditions for a prolonged period of time, make sure the surfaces you want to paint are completely free of moisture by using a hydrometer, which is a tool that measures the presence and density of liquids in a space.
  3. Hire a Richmond, VA professional painter to handle your commercial paint job. They are experienced with painting in unexpected and quickly-changing weather conditions and can do whatever is necessary to complete your project efficiently in both warm and cold temperatures.

For more advice on when to schedule your next commercial paint project, look to the professional commercial painting service at Widespread Solutions. Our team of experts offers residential and commercial painting services in Richmond, Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Washington D.C., Southern Maryland, and Virginia Beach. Contact us today!

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